Solution to Addiciton

There’s different modalities and new trends when it comes to treating addiction. 

As a profesional in this field, I get to come across all sorts of new cutting edge technology, research, and innovative solutions to addiction. And sometimes I’m like -enough is enough! All the bells and whistles to treating addiction have become a novelty item to get at trade shows.

As a person who’s recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, the solution has remained the same for me for 10 years. First of all, I will outline the disease of addiction as I see it... all addiction. 

I see it as a spiritual war fare within the addict. It’s spiritual cancer that engulfs and overwhelms the addict. So much so that it manifests to mind and body, but the root is at a spiritual/emotional level. It’s self-ceteredness. Rotten, icky, nasty self centeredness... so much so that it rots away the very host that it lives in. I have had countless conversations with friends and mentors about our disease of addiction and we all seem to relate on this- although many of us had varied traits of how this self ceteredness showed up in our addiction. That seemed to be the common thread. 

My mentor broke down the word “disease” for me as dis ease. Meaning not at ease, and that’s exactly how my internal condition felt. Not at ease with myself, so much so that I had to put high powered chemicals into my body just to feel ok. Like seriously- how badly does a human have to hurt in order for me to put a rusty needle in my arm filled with poison just to ease the internal pain?!

And of couse I share about my expeience because it’s the one that I know the most but have met with several of people who have had their strruggles with gambling, sex, gaming... who suffered from the same dis ease aspect that I speak of. 

And the physical aspect of my addiction was the easiest to spot, this overwhelming obsession of NEEDING to get high at any cost. But I’ve also had stints of sobriety and then going back into getting high. And now I know it’s because I never treated the root of the disease. It’s like pulling a weed from the ground, but the root still being in tact. After a while, the weed comes back. And that’s what it was like when professionals would take the drugs away from me. 

It only treated the surface, because after some time, I would just go get high again because my dis ease was not treated. 

As my journey with my addiciton progressed, I finally saw the layers to my disease and I’m grateful to have been lined up with a mentor who was able to break this down for me. 

It wasn’t until I was fully ready to face my reality. I hear this over and over again. 

“First step of treating addiction is admitting I have a problem”. While yes this is true, this needs to be understood on a cellular level, not just paying it lip service and then doing something differently with my actions. 

I had to fully conceded to my inner most self that this was my reality. That I had a spiritual disease and I could nothing about it unless I took direction from somone who had found the way out. And here it is guys! 

The million dollar question, is answered! 

The solution to a self cetered disease is selflessness. Which for me, meant having to reverse every thought, every action, everything of how I did life. Especially towards the end of my addiction. It was so rotten and nasty that I had this self loathing, hated, discontent outlook on myself and it was a nasty shadow I couldn’t shake. 

See, even when I’m at my lowest I am still centered on ME, aka self centered hatred is still self centeredness. 

And it wasn’t until I was shown a program of action that consisted of making a decision to follow directon, admitting wrongful behavior, learning to make peace with my demons, doing my best to right my wrongs, and this whole healing process was done. 

In order to pay it forward, the “end” of my healing process consisted of “giving it away” and it was then, and only then, that it clicked for me. 

I was allowed to heal and get better to be a living testimony to show others how to do the same, AKA selflessness.

And it’s as simple as that! Self centeredness is the problem and selflessness is the solution. And yes of course there’s lots of details on how to do that, and I’ve seen different schools of thought on how to experience it. I’ve seen friends do it with church, yoga, 12 step, budhisim, christianity, self-help, therapy, clinical, non-profit, and tons of other paths. 

But they all seem to have a very similar under tone. They all seem to harp on certain things like. Honesty, integrity, forgiveness, self love, righting wrongs, and being of service. 

So we use different words and cultural norms to describe these actions. But walking the walk of recovering from adiction always seems to look similar in spite of whatever path was taken. And I’ve also had the opportunity to speak to people who are not “addicts” but suffered from the disease of self ceteredness that manifested in some sort of unhealthy self destructive reality and it seems that the solution for them has also been an altruistic selflessness path that has led them to a life of happiness and abundance. 

Some things I often ponder about is...Is there another layer for us humans to look into that goes deeper than addiction? Is addiction just a side effect of the consciousness of mother earth suffering? Are humans suffering from addiction- the cancer of our planets biology, and our planet’s spirit??