50 Years of Marriage


March 10, 2018 my family had a celebration for my parents Golden Anniversary.
 Over and over again I would hear people say “that doesnt happen anymore.” So I figured this was worth writing about. My parents are strong in their Catholic faith and started the celebration at the church having a beautiful ceremony. It was funny seeing my dad so nervous (he’s not one to be in the spotlight.) My parents renewed their vows in front of God and promised each other another 50 years. Surrounded by friends and family, the FAMILY during the ceremony- I realized how many kids, grand kids, and great grand kids were here. And knowing that none of us would exist if it wasn’t for them.
There were tons of pictures and memories made that day, catching up with old family members from all over the country who flew in for this special occasion.
My god parents from St. Paul came in as a suprise none of us knew if they would be able to make it but it was great seeing them.
My God father is my dad’s best friend and he’s told me plenty of stories of their adventures as immigrants in this country when they were young.
My siblings and I even got a chance to recreate a picture from 25 years ago (the last time they renewed their vows). That brought us all so much joy be on laughter trying to recreate that.
I got a chance to ask both my parents what its been like to be married to each other for this long.
My mom said “I dont really feel a difference, we just do this every day” , “it feels good”, “feel happy to still be here” They still finish each other’s sentences and thoughts.
My mom said that having the ceremony brought back old memories and feeling nostalgic. I asked them what it was like to become grand parents and great grandparents. With a huge smile, she said it feels so good to see my kids, my kids-kids, I just love them all so much.
I then asked my dad the same questions. I sensed a tone of grattitude and love when he said “well she’s put  up with me all these years” “I made some mistakes in the beginning and she forgives me and still loves me” “ and now all I want to do is take care of her” “she’s never asked me for a bigger house or a new car” “wonderful having her be my wife for this long” “she always took care of my kids”.
My dad tells me about her going to pick up his check every week taking care of all the bills and other finances.  My dad talked about all of the milestones he’s had a chance to see for his kids and grand kids.
Then I realized it really didn’t matter what graduation, sports, etc. type of milestones it was he was just happy to be a part of it support us and show us the he loves us throught all of this. I mean my parents showed up to see my graduate rehab for gods sake. But it was all the same for them they dont get wrapped up in the details they keep it simple. They show up for family and love us unconditionally . My parents are still in love with each other and they still play jokes on each other and I cant help but be hopeful about love. I realize that for them loving each other has just been part of their life. My mom talked about having different levels to their life. From first becoming parents to becoming grand parents and just growing through it together, learning as they went a long. Truly  being life partners and having the best time along the way, through the good and the bad.